Fatima Albudoor فاطمة البدور
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The Iftar Table
طاولة الإفطار

Drawing inspiration from the Iftar table in her installation for DUCTAC's Ramadanization exhibition, Fatima’s most poignant memories of Ramadan are playing with her sisters while waiting to break the fast with her family at her grandmother’s house in Jumeirah. Fatima and her sisters played with her grandmother’s Emirati burqa, which forms the basis of Fatima’s pattern.

She has screenprinted the pattern on foil sheets which she has then covered the iftar table with, similar to the way foil would often cover the food on the table as the family waited for it to be unveiled. This playful installation incorporates Fatima’s memories of Ramadan and key elements of iftar and Emirati life, while highlighting the role women play as role models.
(text by Beth Derderian)

Exhibited at DUCTAC's Gallery of Light, August 2016. 

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